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Warm reminder: correct exact and effective moldflow will certainly save your molds’ and plastic products’ manufacturing cost greatly!

Shenzhen Moldflow Technic Co., Ltd. is a professional moldflow company founded by the consultant Bill Bin in 2009, which is composed of several well-experienced professional engineers. It is the registered professional moldflow company in Shenzhen. Consultant Bill Bin has been devoted to professional plastic molds for dozens of years, including 6 years in mold trial, 2 years in mold drawing design and 10 years in professional moldflow.

The Consultant had been working for ACE Mold, a large Hong Kong-based mold company for six years before he established his own company. Acting from mold designer to moldflow analyzer, he enabled engineers to truly understand the practical effect of moldflow. At the very beginning, moldflow was only be carried out when clients requested. Later, the engineers asked to do analysis , and now moldflow must be done before every mold design.

Moldflow software in ACE Mold has been enriched to several MPI and Moldex3D from only one MPA. The consultant has been engaged in over 4,000 various moldflow cases, prepared over 3,000 moldflow reports with products comparison in final mold trial. Moreover, he has engaged in over 1,000 design modifications and mold improvement.

MFTEC is moldflow company which dares to promise to compensate partial loss for clients if the moldflow is incorrect. (Please note that only when specific promises are confirmed by both parties can the contents be included in moldflow contract.)

The consultant has engaged in a wide range of moldflow for various molds, including molds for daily necessities, electronic products, medical equipment and supplies, precision injection-molded products such as watches, gears, connector plugs and other large plastic injection mold such as automotive doors, bumper, etc.. His clients include Philips, Nokia, Tyco, Procter & Gamble, Motorola, Kodak, Valeo, NEC, Volkswagen, BMW, Bo, Borealis, Honda, Deshi Technology, Nodic-Matsumoto, CPT Mold, Shouju Industrial, Zhaohong, ISEN Precision, Jiansheng Group, KK-mold, Lorom Industrial, VEM, Midea and so on.

Over 80% of our clients have professional moldflow engineers or teams, but they need MFTEC to solve the mold-related problems for them.

Moldflow for reference only has nothing valuable, but a waste of cost. It is our purpose to provide solution through analysis.

We only accept moldflow for traditional injection molding, gas-injection pressuremolding, thermoplastics overmolding, insert molding, in-mold molding, injection compression molding, stressed product and other thermoplastic and thermal-setting materials for which we have done moldflow and mold trial comparison, and also provide related engineers training. Since we haven’t done moldflow or mold trial for die-casting mold, we don’t provide service for such projects.

We pay extreme attention to the information confidentiality of our clients, most of which are foreigners.

The drawings and files of clients, which will be deleted one year later, will never be exposed to any third party even without confidential agreement unless otherwise agreed by clients with written permission. We will not display moldflow report of clients on the webpage or use it for communication with peers within three years.

We will follow the provisions of confidential agreement signed with the client. We have signed confidential contracts with dozens of clients. We are also willing to sign confidential contract with clients before receiving their drawings and files.

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