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. We also train individuals and moldflow engineers of companies

In addition to software training, we attach more importance to moldflow result and practical comparison, so as to enable trainees to apply what they learned to reality. Please note that our moldflow training is professional technical training other than simply injection molding or sales training.


Mold flow analysis and mold trial(       Only after 1-2month ,we shall have chance to try mold for comparing field and theory).

Einstein’s Driver and Moldflow Teacher

Einstein went to many universities in different cities for giving lectures on his Relativity theory while his driver often accompanied him and observed his lecture. Once, when Einstein was about to deliver a lecture, his driver talked to him, “Professor, I can deliver a speech for your Relativity theory. Maybe I can make a better lecture than you.” Einstein replied, “All right, now you make the speech and I will be the audience. No one met me ever before there and I want to take a break.” Therefore, the driver gave a better received lecture than Einstein because of his humor.

After the lecture, there was a gentleman posing another question on physics to the driver who looked at the question and answered wittily, “This is a very simple question that my ‘driver’ understands. You can ask him”. He pointed to Mr. Einstein.

Nowadays, many moldflow trainings are done with same cases, so trainers are as familiar with those moldflow cases as Einstein’s driver with lecture of Relativity theory. Though they deliver excellent lectures, their understandings of moldflow is not better than the driver’s understandings of Relativity theory.

“Why is my moldflow not correct?” asked the student. Here is the answer of the teacher, “Well, only 50% to 70% moldflow is correct. It is for reference only.”

Suggestions for students ready to learn moldflow.

First of all, make clear whether you want to operate the software or you want to address problems with the moldflow software. If you simply want to operate the software, you can download moldflow video (for free) from our website. It is really not necessary for you to spend several thousands RMB to learn from those training institutes which give lectures only with fixed cases.

If you want to learn moldflow to tackle problems, please note that:

Firstly, the teacher shall have sufficient analytical experience, as well as field experience in comparisons between moldflow and mold trialtry. (Otherwise, the teacher could only train you on software operation).

Secondly, you’d better compare your moldflow on the site of mold try trial under the guidance of your teacher during the moldflow study, so that you can correct the differences between moldflow theory and mold try trial(practice) result. If there is mold try test with an injection molding machines, the effect of training will be boosted significantly.


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