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I. Moldflow Case Service

1. Design and Molding Solution Development

We will design optimal molding (gating) solution and detailed report for clients according to their 3D drawing (excluding mold design solution or initial design solution). Meanwhile, we will provide comparative design solutions for their reference and selection.

2. Design and Molding Solution Optimization

After moldflowbased ondata and gate points of products provided by clients , we will evaluate suitability and feasibility of the original design solution and provide detailed report. According to requirements of clients, we will modify the original data of clients and simulate analysis to find out optimal mold design and molding parameter setup solution, thus enhancing successful rate for mold trial and avoiding repeated mold modifications and mold trials.

3. Solve Surface Defects for Products

We will find out the source of problem based on design information and molding adjusting parameters provided by clients when they meet difficulties during mold trial. Meanwhile, provide solution for problems in mold trial. If necessary, we will send engineers to the site to assist solve problems.

4. Solve Products’ Warpage Professionally

Warpage is a troublesome problem in mold. MFTEC moldflow technology is the professional solution to solve warpage of plastic products. We are extremely experienced in warpage of products with fiber. Generally we can solve the warpage problem without doing anti-warpage.

We can provide more accurate anti-warpage data for molds requiring anti-warpage to avoid making testing mold and save cost of clients greatly.

Reminder and advice to those learning moldflow:

1. From clients who contacted us for the first time, we often heard that their moldflow was only used to be shown to their clients. Recently I visited Mr. Peng, Vice General Manager of TEC Mold, who told me that they produce over 600 molds a year. However, the moldflow supplier (used to work in Foxconn)that they cooperated for years has never solved mold problems for them. It shocked me .

2. Moldflow is not merely to be shown to clients. Most importantly, moldflow aims to predict and solve mold problems, especially warpage solution and anti-warpage for the cavity of mold. With moldflow, you don’t need to make any testing mold.

3. It is so wrong to think that large mold plant has excellent moldflow. In Shenzhen, there was a company which was listed in Singapore and designed molds for Volkswagen, but the products based on its molds always shrank. Finally they blamed the material supplier for the fault. Actually it was the problem of their designs. Later, they invited us for moldflow analysing and mold optimization, and their molds work perfectly now.

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