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I. Moldflow, which is a time-honored moldflow software company
Moldflow takes up over 75% market share worldwide. Generally speaking, it is the best moldflow software provider in current market. It has over 8,000 materials in its material database, enabling accurate analysis and easy operation. A person with mold design background only needs 4 to 5 days to learn common operation of the software. Its speed is much faster than that of MOLDEX3D. However, the genuine software is very expensive, saying, tens of thousands USD for one modular. Only powerful companies are affordable for the software. Its service is not so satisfactory because its employees seldom visit you though it charges you RMB 200,000/year for service. It is the first choice for individual mold. However, do not use it if it is melt flipping runner. ACE Mold has several sets of software from Moldflow.  
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