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II. MOLDEX3D from Taiwan


It takes up rather large market share in Asia. I used its genuine software before I established my own company. Hexahedral 3D grid is the biggest selling point of it, while Moldflow only has  tetrahedron. MOLDEX3D is able to analyze melt flipping runner. According to the description of staff in Moldflow agent, Moldflow cannot do that. Therefore, if you want to analyze melt flipping runner, use MOLDEX3D. However, our company is not compatible with MOLDEX3D at present because it is not as accurate as Moldflow, especially in warpage analysis. Its quantity of materials’ data is less than 50% of Moldflow’s. Moreover, data for existing materials are not complete, leading to inconvenient operation. But it has cheaper price and better service. ACE Mold has 1 set of software of MOLDEX3D.



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